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Instinctive Behaviour


Madi Mai

I’m Madi Mai. I’ve been surrounded by music and people who make music from a very young age, so it’s no wonder that I chose to follow a similar path. I’m self taught on the ukulele, guitar and keyboard and started to write my own songs at the age of 10.



Major's productions are far from one particular genre 
of music, but his style comes with uniquely British concoctions that exude pure class. There has always been a steady flow of DJs, musicians and producers who have taken as their influence and experience the rich musical backdrop of reggae, soul, jazz, hip hop, funk and punk


Paul Taylor

My name is Paul ‘P1’ Taylor. I’m a London based songwriter, who has been writing professionally for just under 20 years. I grew up in Oxford with the Gospel influences like The Winans, Commissioned, Fred Hammond and secretly listening to Michael Jackson, Five Star, Alexander O’Neal, Redman and Heavy D.

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