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Madi Mai

I’m Madi Mai. I’ve been surrounded by people passionate about music my entire life, and this has nurtured my own love for music. My own passion began to show when I started writing songs as a child. Since then, I have taught myself to play a range of instruments, including the ukulele, keyboard and guitar. Now that I am 18, my love of music is ever growing. I’ve been able to experiment with a wide variety of looks and sounds, mostly taking inspiration from alternative styles. When I first started to make my own music, I was heavily influenced by a range of artists - from rock artists like Iron Maiden and Green Day, to the softer melodies of Lana Del Rey and Keane - and these are artists which are still important to me today. Through my work I aim to spread awareness for mental health, learning difficulties and other people affected by non-physical limitations - as someone who themselves is autistic, these are issues that are close to my heart. I love to perform my music live and am currently taking every opportunity I can to do so!

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Madi Mai's debut single 'Anti-Clockwise' OUT NOW on all platforms.

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