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Paul Taylor

My name is Paul ‘P1’ Taylor. I’m a London based songwriter, who has been writing professionally for just under 20 years. I grew up in Oxford with the Gospel influences like The Winans, Commissioned, Fred Hammond and secretly listening to Michael Jackson, Five Star, Alexander O’Neal, Redman and Heavy D. I moved to London, chasing the dream of becoming a songwriter.

I took every opportunity in sit and learn in studios across London until the opportunity came to work with an upcoming producer on the verge of being signed to a music publisher at Warner/Chappell UK. He needed a songwriter and I needed a producer….six songs later and he signed a publishing deal and I was offered 2 publishing deals from Global Talent/Sony and Warner/Chappell UK….Ohhh Yeeeaaah…The journey begins!!

The next 15 years was filled with writing sessions in the UK, Sweden (my favourite writing place) and the US. Leading to releases in the UK, Hong Kong, Germany, Japan, Australia, Spain, SE Asia, Scandinavia, France, Italy and South Africa. Most notably Ministry Of Sound artist Sound Bwoy Ent (Never Wanna To Say) and Brian Temba, formerly the lead star in DreamWorks theatre production of The Lion King. Who has gone on to release 5 albums, all of which have song contributions from myself. My influences now; range from Coldplay to Rascal Flatts, Brian McKnight to Sleeping At Last. Babyface to Burt Bacharach. Israel Houghton to Toby Gad and of course Nashville, Yeeehaw!!. These influences have led to my sound being lyrically creative and rhythmically infectious. When I started out in the industry I used to get pitched as the ballad writing but the early days of collaborating with some Swedish powerhouses, you put good music in front of me and we’ll have a song.

Now Instinctive Behaviour Music Group is where I call HOME. And it’s HOME to great music and BIG SONGS…..The future’s INSTINCTIVE.

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Head over to Paul Taylor's music page to hear his music!

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