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Knife crime is a significant issue that has spiked in recent years. At record level, it continues to destroy the lives of many and cause frustration and chaos in so many communities.

After her childhood friend, Jodie Chesney, was tragically ambushed and stabbed to death back in March 2019, Madi Mai was inspired to write her song ‘Change’.

The 17-year-old singer/ songwriter (15 at the time) said that she felt so deeply about what had happened and that she had great concerns about the growing issue of knife crime in her area. “I decided to write a song about it as that’s my way of expressing things and I thought it might be nice” she admitted.

‘Change’ is the first recording Madi Mai made under the guidance of Instinctive Behaviour’s producer, Major. Her demo of the song is in fact what caught his attention to begin with, which eventually led to her signing with the company.

There are many references to Jodie throughout the song; ‘she could have been your cousin, your sister, your friend. So why did her life have to end?’ However, its focus goes beyond her and extends to the great number of individuals that can relate to Jodie’s story and have equally suffered.

I shouldn’t have to be scared to step outside, walk down the street and live my life.’

Madi expressed how saddening it is that this is something her and many other people have to be so wary of at such a young age. “People in my mum’s day wouldn’t have to worry like this, but we do.”

Producer – Major – expresses that this needs to be recognised on a much larger scale and a greater focus needs to be placed on the younger generations. “From the age of 10-16 the behavioural issues begin and that’s when they should be targeted”.

He outlines how important it is for individuals to form chains across communities and aid charities supports rehabilitation best we can.

Through this song Madi Mai and Instinctive Behaviour aim to pay tribute to Jodie Chesney and raise awareness on the destructive and vast increasing issue, that is knife crime.

‘We want change’

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