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The Making of Madi Mai

Being born into a musical family meant it was only right for Madi Mai to follow a similar career path.

Madison Roovers, known professionally as Madi Mai, is a singer/ songwriter from East London. Her parents (Jade and Tony Roovers) are both members of the band TJs Trio, and her father was apart of East End Boyz in his younger days.

Madi explains that her parents always loved to sing, a trait that most definitely rubbed off on her. “I’ve wanted to be a musician for as long as I can remember. My mum says even before I could talk as a baby I would try sing along with her”.

The 17-year-old states that Melanie Martinez and Lana Del Rey are her biggest influences. “I fell in love with their style and really idolise them. Always thinking – WOW – I’d love to do what they do”. Performers loved by her parents such as P!nk and Iron Maiden also play a big part in her love for music.

Madi passions spread beyond that of just music. She also admits she has a passion for storytelling and language. The skill of writing and composing stories goes hand in hand with her love of making songs. “I grew up writing my own songs. I even finished my first song by the age of 10”.

Madi is self-taught on the Ukulele, acoustic guitar, electric guitar and keyboard. “Someone who has been professionally taught will probably criticise me” she explained. Nevertheless, Ukulele and guitar are Madi’s favourites when composing a new song.

Most of Madi’s lyrics begin from poems and short stories. “I will spend a lot of time focused on the lyrics, then put a melody to it after.” A process which quickly changed after joining Instinctive Behaviour. Madi explained how she will now likely be sent a premade beat to work on and practically do her writing process in reverse.

Being able to work in different environments have allowed Madi to thrive in difference. The process may change but her drive remains the same. “Words are so important, and I’d hate for my songs to be meaningless” she concluded.

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