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FOAM20 media group

FOAM20 media group, offers safe spaces for people to connect with no hidden agenda. The group is owned in partnership by Shirley Jackson and Paul McKenzie.

We offer safe and friendly platforms that are free from grooming, which is a constant worry in a changing world where many people, especially the most vulnerable are often targeted.

FF20 our film platform is the place to share content which can empower communities and the people by talking about real life issues and building solutions, a place for content makers to own and protect their work.

FOAM RADIO a grassroot internet radio station with over 30 amazing DJs playing Live on air every week. The station is in its 4th year with a rename along the way, we have hosted many shows on the station with many DJs springboarding on to major stations. We have also hosted many club nights on the circuit with a strong reputation for professionalism and of course FANTASTIC music!!

Our future is changing so why not join a company that works for the people and includes the people!!

We also own a community interest company, Youth Unity which works to empower young people through music, sports and film.

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