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New artists signing!

I first heard Madi Mai summer 2019 when she put up a song called Change on Facebook that she wrote for Jodie Chesney who was sadly murdered whilst in a park over in East London.

When I heard the song lyrically it moved me and vocally made my hairs on my arms stand up as she had this amazing angelic voice.

I got in contact with Madi and offered to produce the track for her and that was the beginning of our working relationship.

We went on to record a few tracks over a period of a year as i didn’t offer her a deal as she was only 15 at the time but I continued to develop her as I loved her vibes and attitude in the studio.

By September 2020 after Madi turned 17 we finally signed a production deal.

I met Alyce July 2020 through Shirley Jackson one of the co founders of Foam 20 who sent me a clip of her singing, I was blown away by her edgy voice and lyrical skills and her hunger to want to do this music thing was not unnoticed from day one.

I was passed Alyce’s number by Shirley but before I had a chance to call, Alyce rang me and we arranged a meeting the following day. The next day Alyce arrived for the meeting were I had 4 backing tracks I wanted to play to her, I played her the 1st track when she asked me to rewind the track half way through, she then said do you mind if I write something down as I have a chorus idea for the track. Alyce took out her phone and began writing she then said can I play the verse part of the track and she then wrote a verse. To my surprise she then said can I sing it to you, I was like yep go ahead, when I heard what she wrote and the style she wrote I could not help but get the mic on and began to record. 2hrs later we had our 1st track which came so unexpected and that there was the beginning of our working relationship by September 2020 we had signed a production deal.

Now i'm working on both artist recording their albums. I’m so excited right now and having the most fun working with two great talents.

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